Rye-Spelt Sourdough Loaves with Barley and Pineapples

Sourdough Starter: 370 g whole grain spelt flour 520 g water 50 g whole wheat sourdough culture Fermented overnight. Soaker: 100 g  Bob’s Red Mill Pearl Barley 200 g hot water Soaked overnight. Final Dough: 882 g sourdough starter 1165 g water 23 g salt soaked and drained barley 310 g whole grain spelt flour 136 g […]

Pine Nuts Spelt-Rye Sourdough Bread

Rye sourdough starter: 268 g water 35 g rye sourdough culture 268 g stone ground rye flour Combine the ingredients listed above and let ferment for 12 hours. Final Dough: 522 g rye sourdough starter 1000 g water 1380 g whole spelt flour 140g stone ground rye flour Mix the ingredients and set aside for 1 hour. […]