Christmas 2012 Bread

451 g rye sourdough starter 340 g whole wheat sourdough starter 1100 g water 100 g liquid honey 1000 g stone ground rye flour 150 g whole wheat flour 200 g hazelnuts 200 g prunes 80 g gingerbread spice mix 21 g salt In a large mixing bowl combine the ingredients and let ferment for […]

Buckwheat Sourdough “Ciabatta” with Hazelnuts

In a large mixing bowl, combine the ingredients listed below: 300 g rye sourdough starter, stiff 200 g whole wheat sourdough starter 23 g salt 552 g milk 442 g water 110 g buckwheat flour, whole grain 904 g whole wheat flour Knead the dough and set aside for 45 minutes.In the meantime, soak 222 […]

Stenciled Rye-Spelt Sourdough with Dried Cherries and Hazelnuts

422 g rye sourdough starter (stiff, mature) 482 g whole wheat sourdough (liquid, mature) 853 g water 843 g stone ground rye flour 680 g stone ground spelt flour Combine the ingredients and set aside for 1 hour. Then mix in : 30 g salt 170 g dried cherries 225 g  raw hazelnuts ( soaked […]

Whole Wheat and Spelt Sourdough Loaves with Hazelnuts

Sourdough starter: 1 tablespoon whole wheat sourdough culture 200 g water 120 g whole wheat flour I let it ferment  for 6 hours . Then I added: 200 g water 340 g whole spelt flour and I left it for another 8 hours. Final dough: 800 g sourdough starter: 1115 g whole wheat flour 700 g […]