Sesame Spelt Sourdough

Final Dough: 340 g rye sourdough starter 375 g whole wheat sourdough starter 25 g salt 100 g water 63 g black sesame seeds 81 g white sesame seeds 122 g  organic 4-grain hot cereal (oat, rye, barley and wheat) 1360 g whole grain spelt flour Combine the ingredients listed above and knead the dough. Let […]

Seven Grain Sourdough Bread

120 g rye sourdough starter, mature and stiff 380 g whole wheat sourdough starter, mature and stiff 716 g water 1204 g flour Knead the dough and autolyse for 1 hour. Add salt (22 g) and let ferment for 6-8 hours. Put the fermented dough into two loaf pans and let proof for 2 hours. […]

Pineapple Rye Sourdough Bread

Final Dough: 535 g sourdough starter (100% hydration) 615 g pineapple, blended into a  fine purée 500 g water 24 g salt 1200 g stone ground rye flour In a large mixing combine all of the ingredients, cover and let ferment for 10 hours. Then put the dough into two loaf pans and let them proof for […]