Prunes and Kefir Whole Wheat Sourdough Bread

Sourdough Starter: 289 g water 211 g whole wheat flour 2 tablespoons whole wheat sourdough culture Final Dough: 470 g whole wheat sourdough starter 900 g  very thick kefir 1000 g whole wheat flour In a large mixing bowl combine the starter, kefir, salt and flour. Kneadthe dough, cover and set aside for about half […]

Rye Sourdough Flat Bread with COMTE Cheese

Sourdough Starter: 2 tablespoons rye sourdough culture 350 g stone ground rye flour 380 g water Starter fermented at room temperature for 12 hours and than was refrigerated for 8 hours. Final Dough: all of the rye sourdough starter 103 g milk 138 g Comte cheese, grated ( 10 g salt 13 g black caraway […]

Whole Wheat Sourdough with Mini Chocolate Chips

Sourdough Starter: 205 g whole wheat sourdough starter 50 g rye sourdough starter 312 g water 321 g whole wheat flour Fermented at room temperature for 7 hours. Final Dough: all of the sourdough starter 1020 g water 25 g salt 1456 g whole wheat flour Dough was kneaded  and set aside for 45 . Then 283 […]

Golden Roasted Flax Seed Puffed Breads

  333 g whole wheat sourdough starter (120% hydration) 430 g rye sourdough starter (120% hydration) 776 g water 21 g salt 100 g golden roasted flax seed (whole seeds) 1100 g whole wheat flour flour for rolling Combine the ingredients in a large mixing bowl, knead dough, cover the bowl with dough tightly and refrigerate for 18 […]

New Year’s Day Poppy Seed Sourdough Bread

For poppy seed filling: 150 g dried apricots, chopped 150 g rum 500 g poppy seeds 150 cashews 200 g honey 200 g  Seville Orange Marmalade Place chopped apricots in a small jar with a lid and pour rum.  Refrigerate  for 24 hours (or even a week). Place poppy seeds in a large pot and  pour boiling water […]

Christmas 2012 Bread

451 g rye sourdough starter 340 g whole wheat sourdough starter 1100 g water 100 g liquid honey 1000 g stone ground rye flour 150 g whole wheat flour 200 g hazelnuts 200 g prunes 80 g gingerbread spice mix 21 g salt In a large mixing bowl combine the ingredients and let ferment for […]

Simple Spelt Sourdough Bread

300 g whole wheat sourdough starter (100 g wheat sourdough culture, 100 g whole wheat flour,100 g water; fermented overnight) 300 g rye sourdough starter (100 g rye sourdough culture, 100 g stone ground rye  flour,100 g water; fermented overnight) 819 g water*** 1360 g whole grain spelt flour 25 g salt Knead the dough […]

Flatbreads with Sprouted Kamut

Fermented Dough: 427 g whole wheat sourdough starter(100% hydration) 427 g water 991 g whole wheat flour Kneaded and fermented from 9:30 to 2:30 Final Dough: all fermented dough 256 g sprouted and processed sprouted KAMUT ( 240 g whole wheat flour 25 g salt 514 g water All the ingredients were kneaded  for 10 minutes […]