Warm Welcome to my blog in Loaf Street!

It’s been 3 years I have been baking sourdough breads at home.  I have decided to use only my sourdough cultures and whole grain flours in my baking. Sourdough wholemeal bread tastes, looks better and stays fresh longer than white bread made  with baker’s yeast (fresh or dried).  I love the aroma of sourdough bread and I and my husband can’t imagine our home without it. As it is almost impossible to find  a recipe for 100%  whole grain and at the same time sourdough bread, I create recipes by myself. Each recipe is born during adding the ingredients to build a starter and then a final dough.  “Loaf Street” and my previous blog (http://bochenkowo.blogspot.com/) is my bread diary. I love every loaf I have ever baked , my bread is a part of me and our life . So the propose of this blog is to keep them in my memory, learn from the mistakes I’ve made and  share my passion for sourdough baking. 

Please check my  previous recipes for sourdough breads at : http://bochenkowo.blogspot.com/.  


3 thoughts on “Warm Welcome to my blog in Loaf Street!

  1. Hello I just wanted to say how much I have been enjoying looking around your websites. I agree with your plan of baking whole grain sour dough breads. I have been baking sourdough breads for about a year. I find them a bit more challenging then yeast breads. I think it is mostly getting the timing right. Anyway I am looking forward to giving your recipes a try. I was wondering do you steam the oven with most of your bread recipes?

    • I have been baking sourdough breads for almost four years (I have forgotten have to bake with yeast:)). I used to steam the oven. I didn’t feel that steaming was improving my breads so I gave up a few months ago. https://loafstreet.wordpress.com/2012/03/31/whole-wheat-and-spelt-sourdough-loaves-with-hazelnuts/ ( I wrote about steaming my oven here)
      I have read that if you bake breads in loaf pans steaming is not needed at all.
      I love eating bread but I hate spending too much time making it. So I found that using a lot of sourdough starter and giving it time to work (instead of me) results in good breads. If I do not have enough time I’m refrigerating a dough or shaped loaf. Each of my bread recipes is an improvisation (I’m taking notes during mixing dough ingredients) do not follow them exactly.

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