Fig Whole Wheat Sourdough

On Tuesday evening, I prepared two sourdough starters. I was going to make a bread in the morning, but about 9AM I had to leave home. So I decided to refrigerate both starters. Around 8PM I could finally mix a bread dough. I used both starters. The wheat one didn’t look fresh but the rye sourdough was ready to work.

For the bread dough I used:

430 whole wheat starter, liquid (fermented for 20 hours at room temperature)

500 g rye starter, stiff ( fermented for around 12 hours)

700 g water

23 g salt

248 g Turkish Smyrna Figs(dried, chopped)

1000 g whole wheat flour

I kneaded the dough in a mixing bowl just enough to combine the ingredients and I refrigerated it. Nine hours later (before 5AM) my cat woke me up and when she was eating I was shape a loaf. I put the loaf into a  strained lined with a cloth and put it back to the refrigerator. Two hours and 15 minutes later I removed the loaf from refrigerator and started preheating the oven. When the oven achieved 500F I put the loaf and I baked it for 20 minutes. Than I reduced the temperature to 460F and baked the bread for 45 minutes more.

It is not the best looking loaf, but it has crunchy crust and soft crumb.

Submitted to Yeastspotting andBYOB 125 x 125


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