Mishmash Rye Sourdough Loaves

Bread dough:

550 g rye sourdough starter (120 % hydration)

1000 g water

100 g bulgur

23 g salt

1100 g stone ground rye flour

120 g pitted prunes, chopped

86 g roasted hazelnuts

I combined the ingredients for a dough in a large mixing bowl, covered it with a dinner plate and I let the dough ferment from 7:30 AM to 4:50 PM. (room temperature 20 C/68 F). I packed the dough into 2 loaf pans and let the loaves proof for 3 hours.  In the meantime I preheated my oven to 500F. Loaves were baked for 25 minutes at 480 F and for 20 minutes at 460 F.

I’m not completely happy with the bread ( I prefer more moist rye breads) but my husband seems to be more satisfied . I woke up  at 2:30 and noticed my husband preparing sandwiches (he’s a night owl and he prefers studying ,  working  and eating late at night );

So, if I had a chance to bake the bread again I would have:

  • added 200g more water
  • let it ferment in the bowl for at least 12 hours (now, it’s much colder  at our home  than it used to be during the summer days and nights)
  • covered the loaves during the first 25 minutes of baking with two similar loaf pans to improve oven proof .

Submitted to Yeastspotting andBYOB 125 x 125


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