Cherries,Prunes and Flax Seeds Sourdough Bread

500 g whole rye sourdough starter

1000 g water

23 g salt

120 g prunes

100 g dried dark sweet cherries

100 g flax seed

Combine the ingredient and set aside for 45 minutes.

Then mix in:

1000 g whole wheat flour

knead the dough and set aside for 30 minutes; than add:

200 g stone ground rye flour

and knead the dough again.

Cover the dough tightly and refrigerator for 11-12 hours.

Dough after 11 hours of fermentation in the refrigerator

Shape the loaves and put them into two proofing baskets.

Loaves in the proofing basket, covered with plastic wrap and bag to prevent drying the loaves during the retarding

Refrigerate for up to 12 hours. Preheat your oven to 500F. Take off the loaves from the refrigerator when the oven is ready.

Proofed loaves in their bannetons, after 10 hours in the refrigerator

Loaves removed from  bannetons

Bake for 20 minutes at 490-480 F and for 30 minutes at 460 F.


Submitted to Yeastspotting.

I sliced one of the loaves when it was sill warm; delicious crumb and crunchy crust


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