Mr and Mrs Seed (Sourdough Loaves)

Mr and Mrs Seed (Sourdough Loaves)

Sourdough Starter:

147 g bubbling whole wheat sourdough culture (100% hydration)

135 g bubbling  rye sourdough culture (100% hydration)

286 g water

286 g stone ground rye flour

Let ferment up to 12 hours.

Final dough:

1021 g water

1206 g whole wheat flour

100 g black sesame seeds

100 g  hulled millet

100 g flax seeds

In a large mixing bowl, combine the ingredients and set aside for 1 hour. Then mix in 27 g salt and knead the dough. Cover the bowl with a cloth and dinner plate and refrigerate for 11-12 hours.

Remove the dough from the refrigerator and divide into 2 pieces.

Preshape the dough into 2 round loaves and let rest for 15 minutes. Shape two boules ( French  term for a loaf shaped into a squashed “ball”) and put into two proofing baskets. Refrigerate overnight ( for 8-10 hours).

In the morning, preheat your oven (with a baking stone inside) to 500F and prepare for steaming.Remove the loaves from the refrigerator.

Bake for 20 minutes at 490, for 20 at 460 F and then turn off the oven and leave the loaves  inside for 10 minutes.

How to make Mrs Seed:

Cover the loaf with a wet lace napkin…

…sprinkle with flour

and leave for 20 minutes before removing.


Submitted to Yeastspotting.


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