Naan Breads with Kamut

Naan Breads with Kamut

They tasted best after grilling; I would use the dough to bake pizza.


Final Dough:

200 g active rye sourdough starter

200 g active whole wheat sourdough starter

Active Sourdough Starters

430 g sprouted kamut, ground

(how to sprout kamut:

Ground Sprouted Kamut

970 g  whole wheat flour

818 g water

In n a large mixing bowl I combined the ingredients listed above. I left the dough for 30 minutes and then I kneaded the dough with 24 g of salt.

I covered the bowl and I refrigerated it for 12 hours.

Dough removed from refrigerator

I divided the dough into pieces:

I flattened each piece:

Then I shaped it into a ball:

Then I was rolling it out:

The dough was wet and stickyso I needed extra flour for rolling

I gave it a few seconds to rest and I was rolling out again:

Rolling the dough out

I rolled it out until it was thin and I cooked it on a hot non-stick pan:


Submitted to Yeastspotting.


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